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videos are a great way to communicate content in an understandable and engaging way. Animated Illustrations capture the attention of the audience and help them to remember the discussed content longer. In the digital age they are a modern way to reach the audience and can be integrated in newsletters, websites, social media channels and e-learning tools.

Analog Motion

This technique is great if many complex drawings have to be shown within short time and no animation is necessary.

Time Lapse

Here you can watch me drawing. This method gives your video a very personal and authentic feeling with an artistic touch.

Real Footage

Animation can also be combined with real footage (already existing or individually produced) to get the best out of both worlds.


Digital animation is perfect for those who strive for a modern and engaging video look. The drawings can easily be exported and also used for presentations, print and web.


Frame-by-frame animation makes the illustrations come to life in a unique way. What worked for Walt Disney, is still charming today.


In some cases it makes sense to combine several techniques in order to get the best look and have a big range of variety.

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