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more than pretty drawings

“It’s not so much about creating pretty drawings but much more about finding a good structure for information, making it understandable and engaging.
My goal is to help my clients with communicating their ideas in a way that they get heard, remembered and passed on.”

Lana Lauren

Like most people I draw since I can think. After my studies of Business Administration at the Vienna University of Business and Economics (WU Wien) I noticed quickly how important it is to translate messages into engaging pictures. This is why I stared working with corporate clients and support them with analyzing data and transferring it into infographics, presentations and visual dashboards. My clients liked the results so much that they asked me if I can use the same principles to capture events (Graphic Recording) and create explainer videos. I said yes (that is almost ten years ago now) and started to develop a system that allows even complex information to be translated into pictures.

Today my work is still the perfect combination of my business background and my creative heart. Whether it is with Graphic Recording, Illustration oder explainer videos – I am still excited for each project where I can help others to reach an audience and transport messaged that seemed complex in the beginning in an understandable, engaging and memorable way.