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Graphic Recording

While keynote-speakers give their talks on stage, panel discussions elaborate essential questions, products and future strategies are being presented and ideas take shape in workshops Graphic Recording is capturing the essence and putting it in a visual format. I listen to what is being said and translate it in real time into drawings so that the audience can understand and memorize the content and the group establishes a base for discussion. The final drawing is not only a summary for participants and speakers but also a tool to communicate the generated ideas in social media, newsletters, websites and print documents.

2.1 Graphic Recording

What is Graphic Recording?

Graphic Recording captures content by combining text and visuals. With pen and paper or digital tools ideas get translated in real time for the audience.

2.2 Graphic Facilitation

Where can it be used?

Seminars, workshops, events, strategy-meetings, panel discussions, design thinking and world cafe are some of the event formats that can benefit from Graphic Recording.

2.3 Templates

What is the benefit?

The visual protocol is a perfect base for further discussions, great for social media campaigns and an engaging summary.

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