Graphic Recording // TEDx Vienna 2017 – Adventures

Graphic Recording im wunderschönen Palais Eschenbach, wo heuer TEDx Vienna zum ersten Mal nicht mit Keynotes sondern mit Adventures dazu einlädt Neues auszuprobieren und selber aktiv zu werden. Zehn Abenteuer galt es für die Teilnehmer zu bestreiten und für mich ihre Berichte visuell festzuhalten.

Graphic Recording - TEDx Vienna 2017


Whilst growing up we discover the world around us bit by bit. In this process, our curious minds perceive even the most banal new experiences as exciting adventures. As time passes we grow accustomed to our surroundings, become entrenched in the present and the novelty of knowledge fades. With TEDxViennaSalon Adventures we want to bring back the wonder, emphasize the learning process and take you on journeys of discovery through hidden worlds in and around the city where you’ll rekindle the excitement of learning new things.

To celebrate the learning process we have planned fun and nerdy field trips to bring you out of the theater and into some of Vienna’s hidden treasure spots. We want to use this opportunity to extend the TEDx phenomenon beyond the conference format and offer you a more personal way to interface with innovators and ideas worth spreading.

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