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TEDx Vienna 2016 // Out There

We are explorers. Always on the hunt for fading glimpses of everything from the vastness of forever-unreachable outer space to the depths of our sometimes misunderstood self. Armed with the hunch that maybe, just maybe, nothing is ever created, only discovered, we insatiably question all in our never-ending pursuit of discovery. And then to discover, all we need to do is look beyond the ordinary. We invite you to join us in putting aside conventionalism while delving into ideas that might be way, way out-there. Let’s seriously consider putting ourselves out there and revealing the threats and wonders that have been awaiting us out there all along.

TEDx Vienna 2016 // The Future of Intimacy

// Everybody knows social media can be creepy. But lately it seems it’s getting a little too intimate with us, calling us by our first names and channelling embarrassing memories into our feeds. The Internet enticed us to move our lives online, promising an end to isolation. Since its inception it has demystified sexuality for millions of people. So now we can access love and intimacy at our fingertips.

Graphic Recording // TEDx Vienna 2015

// „What if…“ forces us to (re)evaluate our current actions in the present, in regard of the future we are simultaneously shaping. „What if…“ is a constant state of questioning and underlying doubt. „What if…“ things were different, go horribly wrong, or are simply better? Everything is frighteningly possible.

Graphic Recording // TEDx Klagenfurt 2015

// Graphic Recording auf der TEDx Klagenfurt 2015 – unter dem Banner „daring heights“ berichten 16 speaker davon, was es heißt die Komfortzone zu verlassen um Großes zu erreichen. Ein großartiges Event voller brillianter Köpfe, einem atemberaubenden Bühnenbild und einer Messehalle…